LPDG RPA Solution for
Relocation Process

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Moving in, out and within a city requires high manual administrative processes for municipals customer service such as registering and deregistering energy meters or sending welcome letters.

Requirements and expectations are constantly rising:
It is more and more important for customers to be able to reach their municipals customer service easily and flexibly.
The demands on customer service are increasing in terms of quantity and quality.


Using new technologies for the Automation of Processes offers a wide range of possibilities for fostering process excellence:


Robotic Process Automation allows to automate standardized, monotonous, and repetitive tasks via software robots.
Stadtwerke Karlsruhe can now welcome Karlsruhe citizens even faster through automated relocation processes.

"Thanks to the innovative and competent cooperation with LPDG, we were able to take a big step together towards automating our standard processes. Further projects are already being planned - we are looking forward to it!"

Sandra W.

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