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We provide end-to-end BI and Analytics solutions to help our customers derive valuable, easy-to-grasp and actionable insights from various business application data.

Our solutions cover Data Warehousing, ETL, BI Strategy and Governance, Application Managed Services, Self-Service BI, Planning/ Forecasting, and Advanced Analytics. We guide our customers in their journey of achieving a reliable and perfect analytics solution for their business needs by supporting them right from choosing appropriate BI tools and technologies, providing sustainable BI strategy, and enabling them with cutting-edge analytics solutions.

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+ Enterprise Data warehousing

Data warehousing is an important aspect of modern business models because of the various sources and complex nature of data in any organization. But as with ever-changing times, the concept of data warehousing is changing, and the companies need to adapt with modern high-speed data warehousing solutions like SAP HANA or Exasol. It is imperative to have an on-premises/cloud data warehouse solution that can deal with structured, unstructured, semi-structured data and support real-time, streaming, offline data acquisition, and analytics on it.

Enterprise Reporting + Analytics

In today’s digitized world, effective corporate management is crucial. This requires the decision-maker to have access to relevant data and KPIs of the company. Your data analytics should be able to answer what is happening in your business now and why. It should give robust predictions about what will happen and recommend to you, how to react to these future developments. In combination with an agile data warehouse, it is essential to have automated reporting, SSBI, tailored dashboards, and a quick overview of KPIs.

Enterprise Planning + Forecasting

Enterprise Planning projects at the Corporate and Department level help you to maximize your profits and be better prepared for changing conditions. Usually, planning projects are highly customized and often involve a lot of manual work. With changing times, it is essential to have a modern planning approach and have a solid overview of what today's planning tools are capable of. With our experience in various tools & projects, we work with you to improve your planning processes with the objective to achieve the same or better planning results in less time.

BI + Analytics Strategy

With ever-changing times in the software industry, where more and more products are offered as cloud products, companies are forced to rethink their BI & Analytics strategy. To achieve your corporate goals, this strategy must be an integral part of your business strategy. We as LPDG offer you our expertise in BI & Analytics strategy that addresses the following points:
Clear governance for analytics , Data Transparency & Data Quality, Accurate reporting & Planning, Customer Satisfaction, and Operational efficiency.






Supply Chain Transparency with SAP Analytics

LPDGs custom analytics solution using SAP Analytics helps remove manual effort and achieve transparency through efficient monitoring of demand and supply. Decision-makers can now keep track of shortages and excess of products at their fingertips.


Customer Service Dashboard with SAC

LPDGs custom analytical application using SAP Analytics Cloud for customer service department provides a good overview on a single screen of how good the SLAs are adhered to in different locations. As a result, manual tasks were eliminated, and report distribution was automated.

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"Business Intelligence + Analytics capabilities have grown a lot in the last years. The values and benefits that still can be added to the business go much beyond classical BI approaches."


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